An Affirmation of Forsworn Vows

from by ÆRA



Behold a dove with broken wings
Delivering a shriveled branch
Barren of fruit
To the mouths of the starved

In dust and dry earth
Soiled with the rueful lands
They erect temples for their gods
Deifying famine and ruin

Praise be to hollow prevarications
Praise be to oaths broken
Thralls enchained by rusted manacles
To stale, weightless air
For promises sired from Seneh, dying in droves,
As flight from this deceased terrene
Blindly leaping from the precipice into the chasm of faith—
A descent into shallow graves

Cursory knowledge vomited by a bastard
Impaled upon moldering woods
Iconic portrayal in suffering—
And by three, suffering thrives

Deep rooted into infecund dirt
Ternary parasitic vines
Dead are their hearts who seek enlightenment in blindness
As a dove with broken wings, ensnared in thorns

An affirmation of forsworn vows
Let the searing dawn commence the rites
Exonerate this misbegotten filth
Banish the faith that desecrates lost heights
Be true to the sword
Be true to dignity
Be true to the blood
Be true to purity


from Of Forsworn Vows, released February 18, 2017



all rights reserved


ÆRA Missouri

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