Die Wulvsära (Am Ende der Zeit)

from by ÆRA



An axe age—A sword age—
Etchings in bones portend doom
Sated on the lifeblood of the ill-fated
A wind age—A wolf age—
In a vortex of lightning and fire
When no man will have mercy on another
The celestial stained by crimson gore
Feral onslaught erupts on all fronts

Kingdoms will be ravaged
By strong blows and deep wounds
As the wolf within made flesh
Reaves haunting scars into the mortal worlds

An axe age—A sword age—
Funereal pyres burn macabre
In cursed twilight
A wind age—A wolf age—
Black steel and hate consecrated
In the pall of rife carnage
The wolf’s hoary breath and sharp teeth hunger
To feast on the corpses
Strewn across the slaughtering fields
All banners will be bathed in blood

A bestial semblance—
The true face of god revealed
As the wolf within made flesh
Becomes the reflection of every man

Cruel maws grip the throat of this coil
Quelling the last desperate prayers
Peace and pity made dead virtues
These are times for war
These are times for death
These are times for glory
These are the end of times

The sound of raging battle slowly fading
As eternal winter swallows the realms
In a haze of ice and fire
The outcomes of war
The finality of death
The ultimate glory
At the end of time

Earth shall be riven
And the over-heaven smoldering
All banners drowned by blood
As all past icons perish
The harbingers of death and renewal
Clad in silver flames
Divulge the mysteries
Of the last runes
All secrets ascertained
In an axe age—A sword age—
A wind age—A wolf age


from Of Forsworn Vows, released February 18, 2017



all rights reserved


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