Litany of Iron I: Ancient Graves of the Fallen - II: Rekindled Fires

from by ÆRA



The litany of iron shall be sung by torn skies
And written in blood upon omened sands
Adorned by graves etched with ancient names—
Manifold forbearers of broken hearts
Mournful of the lost light
When an argent crown from eras past
Bore supremacy to brittle thorns;
When the white sun pierced through dismal veils
To shine on forsworn swords
Raised high

Again, the days will come
When all shrines collapse into dust
And arms must be brandished
For a never-ending war
Rivers run red beneath burning heavens
Deafening sound of legions advancing
Towards the ashen lands

Ancestral rites of war
Sparks of iron clashing
Courage, pride and glory
Without fear of death

And as the shrines fall
Lands scattered with the wounded and dying
The earth beneath remembers
The memories of the dead
When thrones were won through golden embers
Strength and valor before dishonor

Rekindled fires
Within the spirits of men
Ever forward; never flee;
Come, glorious death
“I know one thing
which never dies:
the judgment of a dead man's life.” — Hávamál

This axiom reminisced
In the reawakening of the flame
Unmask from darkness, sanguine pride
No longer thrall to three upon three

The white sun shining
Through shattered veils
Evoking the names
In ancient blood
As all creeds fell
But one…


from Of Forsworn Vows, released February 18, 2017



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